The TIMBERHAVEN Timber Frame Home


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What is a timber frame home?

Timber frame homes are built from individual timbers. These beams can can be flat, milled timbers, or they can have a more rough-hewn appearance to them.

Timber frame homes offer a wealth of construction and aesthetic possibilities to a homeowner. These walls can be built with a variety of insulation values and are built on-site using traditional construction practices.

A timber frame home is precision crafted so that each piece fits together perfectly. The primary beams are mortised to fit exactly and secondary beams are notched, drilled and held in place with wooden pegs to secure the structure together.


Timber Frame Appearance


A timber frame homeowner can choose a variety of materials to represent in the interior and exterior surfaces of the home. Examples include brick, cedar shake, stone, board and batten, and even vinyl or log siding.  The interior walls can be tongue-and-groove wood, stone, drywall, or any mixture of materials.

In the end, a timber frame home is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, style, and personal taste.



Timber Frame Home Advantages

Just like a potter who molds a fine vase, our timber frame crafters deliberately shape your timber frame home as only someone with a lifetime of knowledge and dedicated experience can do.

The Timberhaven Difference

When you look to build a home, you look first to those with experience and a proven track record of excellence. Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes is committed to that excellence, and we have the years of experience to prove it.


The Timberhaven staff has the knowledge and experience to meet our customers’ varied needs. Our methods and techniques have been proven time and time again to a solid advantage in the custom home industry.


Need some help or more info? Give us a call today 410-557-9220 or drop us a line via email!